Come On Back Soon!

We’ll be showing off more pictures of our sweet, beautiful, and decadently mini donuts. We can’t wait to share the details of the recipes that make us mini but very unique.

Salty Caramel-
Caramel drizzle with a pinch of salt, sweet and salty. Blending two flavors doubles the taste sensation.
Super Chocolate-
Calling all chocolate lovers! This super chocolate donut is dipped in our chocolate glaze, topped with chocolate chips!
Cinnamon Sugar-
Yum! Old fashioned cinnamon sugar! Can’t go wrong here. Flipped, tossed and swirled around in cinnamon sugar!
Chocolate Coconut-
Chocolate coconut is hand dipped in our homemade chocolate glaze, topped with coconut!
Maple Bacon-
Maple Bacon.. you heard that right. When you mix maple glaze and bacon bits, you get the perfect amount of sweet and savory!